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Reviewers’ Guidelines

App Store Pundit welcomes guest contributors to submit reviews. Because I aim to publish the best, most useful iOS (iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch) app reviews around, I’ve created these guidelines to help potential contributors understand what I’m looking for in a guest review. I’ll cover both content and audio guidelines.

How It Works
App Store Pundit consists of reviews of applications for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. I’m happy to work with one-time reviewers, or establish a relationship, if you’re interested in being a regular contributor.

If you would like to review an app, please email me before you write or record the review to be sure it’ll fit on the show. I may ask you to send a draft script. If you suggest an app for review, you’ll need to buy and install it on your own device. When choosing apps to be reviewed by guest contributors, I give special consideration to folks who are experts in a particular field (gaming, productivity, toys, maps and location services, etc.). If you know about every solitaire game or restaurant review app out there, I want YOU on App Store Pundit.

Review Style
Here is a sample review that includes all of the elements I’m looking for. tk

All App Store Pundit reviews are 2 minutes, 30 seconds or less. Please minimize noise in your recording environment, and do not include music or sound effects. Just say it straight. Audio files should be submitted in WAV, AIFF or other lossless audio format. I’ll give you an FTP dropbox address.


  • Begin with the app name
  • Describe briefly what the app does
  • Give your evaluation of the pros and cons of the app.
  • Give your final verdict, based on the app’s usefulness, features, interface, random coolness, and value. Should our listeners buy the app or not? Is it appropriate for some users but not others?
  • Give your star rating on a scale of zero to five. Half steps are OK.
  • Give the app’s details. “SuperApp from SuperApp Corp is $9.99, and is compatible with all devices running iOS 3.0 software or later.” Please use this verbiage.
  • Your plug: “This is Joe Jones. Check out the Jonesing for Java Podcast at Jonesingforjava dot com.” Or something like that.

If you’re interested in submitting a guest review, drop me a line at reviews at Tell me what you want to review and why, and once we agree that it’s a good choice, please send me a draft script! This is very important, especially if I haven’t worked with you before.  will read and possibly tweak your script, giving you pointers on how to make it better, and how to fit into the App Store Pundit format. I don’t want you to waste your time recording a review that isn’t right for the show. I’m really looking forward to adding some great guest reviews to the show.