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ASP #27 reviews Ziibi, Klick, and TwitterFon

This week’s fresh baked reviews:

Theme music “Driving the Monkey to the Airport” by Monsters from Mars, courtesy, Podsafe Music Network

Note: On this episode, I mistakenly refer to TwitterFon as TwitterFan. The text is right, the audio not. Apologies to the developer, and anyone who might have been confused.

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#1 spaguyster on 01.31.09 at 11:28 am

Ya more reviews! Thanks Shelly. Hey let me share this with your listeners or should I say readers…

My wife purchased me a $50 gift card for Christmas for the sole intention of buying apps for my iPhone. It was only after I had redeemed the card and tried to purchase apps with the card I discovered I couldn’t and that iTunes was still billing my credit card for said applications. After further digging – terms and conditions, forums, etc. we realized that apps could not be purchased on an iTunes card in Canada due to some “law”. I understand this is not an issue in the United States and apps can be purchased with gift cards.

If this is the case iTunes needs to be accountable and notify their customers better. No where on the iTunes gift card did it state that the card would NOT be valid on apps. All it says is “for music and more”. This, in my opinion, is not acceptable. Even when you key in the redemption code there is NOTHING that states that the card is only valid for x, y and z. It requires extensive digging on the customers part to find out why the card does not work.

I now have a $50 credit on my account that I am unlikely to use because I do not purchase music. I cannot get a refund because of the “terms and conditions”, I cannot buy the applications as was intended because of the “terms and conditions” yet iTunes has received their $50 and I do not have my gift for what it was intended.

Apple and iTunes as a company needs to be more accountable to it’s customers. I am a shareholder of Apple stock and this whole situation infuriates me.

I would find it acceptable if you would be willing to transfer the credit to my wife’s account, however I believe this is another “term of condition” of the contract and would not be allowed.

We would like to know what Apple is going to do to stop this happening in the future and what you are willing to do to satisfy your customers, who have whole heartedly supported you in the past.

Rod and Chrystal C


Hello Rod,

My name is Ottia, and it’s a pleasure to be assisting you today. I appreciate your concerns about the Gift Card and I fully understand and agree.

Thank you for taking the time to contact Apple about improving iTunes. Apple recognizes that no one is better qualified to provide feedback about iTunes than the people who use it.

I encourage you to use the iTunes Feedback page to submit your comments:

Your efforts to share your feedback are very much appreciated.


iTunes Store Customer Support

Please Note: I work T-S, 7-4PM CT

Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to assist you. You may receive an AppleCare survey email; any feedback you provide would be greatly appreciated.

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