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Episode 2 Reviews Elections, VNC, and 21 Pro Blackjack

This week’s fresh baked reviews:

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#1 AndyCast Andy on 09.23.08 at 10:27 am

I won’t be using the Elections application since I’m not able to participate in the election, but it seems that including a basic search function should have been one of, if not, the first features developed.

I too use the Mocha VNC lite and find it very useful as you suggest, over my internal wireless network. I have used it to connect home from the outside world, but I find that relying on Internet speed to be less than acceptable.

I too enjoy 21 Pro Blackjack. My biggest issue is that unless you can connect to the internet to download the ad pop up information, the application is not playable. This is a huge disappointment since I do find the animations, sounds and game play very realistic.

Even better show Shelly. I really look forward to your reviews.

Andy Bilodeau
aka Andycaster

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